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surface tension
galerie with tsjalling:
22 October - 19 November 2022

Solo exhibition at galerie with tsjalling:

On view from 22 October till 19 November 2022

Vernissage: 22 October 2022, 16 - 18 hr


Kostersgang 26-a
9711 CX Groningen


Wednesday – Friday 12 – 17
Saturday 11 – 17

and by appointment

+31(0)6 30 72 27 09


In large drawings, small drawings, site-specific installations and murals, Lenneke van der Goot suggests spaces and places that are accessible, but that offer no grip to the viewer. Sometimes in black and white, at other times colourful and shimmering, these spaces are populated by polygon objects, precarious structures, weightless skyscraper cathedrals and tangle-like sinuous sculptures. Drawn objects seem to float, in other work she lets three-dimensional shapes emerge from the paper or the drawing itself is composed of several layers. 

In her work, Van der Goot tries to visualise something of the complexity she experiences in everyday life. Like the rush of the city, the parallel worlds that come to us through screens and other channels, and how to relate to all this. Like getting lost in the multitude of information, the grandeur of it all, or, on the contrary, getting absorbed in it and experiencing its beauty. She provides no ready-made answers, it’s the imagination she wants to trigger.

As in the new Surface Tension Series, a series of apparently layered drawings in which images accumulate. New connections are made, but many also remain hidden. A metaphor for the intensity of visual stimuli. It is tempting, but trying to understand what you see becomes increasingly complex.

Van der Goot positions herself as a drawing artist in a broad sense. She won the EposPress Drawing Prize for young talent in 2014 and the Pim Olivier Graphic Prize in 2022. She created drawing installations for the Paper Biennial at Museum Rijswijk, law firm Kennedy van der Laan, Kunsthal KAdE, Drawing Centre Diepenheim and Museum van Bommel van Dam, among others. Her work was shown at the art fairs Amsterdam Drawing and Paper Positions in Berlin. Her practice is currently supported by an Artist Basic grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

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