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Paper Biennial
Museum Rijswijk
June 27th - Nov 15th

The 2020 Paper Biennial is an international contemporary art exhibition in which paper as an artistic material is the protagonist.


The main theme of the 2020 Paper Biennial is the topical subject Home. In our globalised world it has become uncommon to stay at the same place as where one was born. More than ever, and for many different reasons, people emigrate. But everyone has in common that they long for a save Home. Home is a universal understanding with many meanings and interpretations. For everyone it is essential to call a place Home; absence of a home is disruptive and will blow away the ground under every existence. Recent figures speak of 68 million refugees in the world and 5 million stateless people; they are not recognized by their government and do not have a passport. A part of the economical immigrants is exploited as modern slaves and does not have the opportunity to build a new and save existence.

Migration is an important political topic you can daily read about it in the newspapers. People are afraid that the large amount of immigrants will influence their culture in a way that their identity will vanish and that they will lose their acquired liberties. The indigenous people are literally and figuratively building walls at their borders, while immigrants are seeking for a save home for their family, for a better place to raise their children.

The 2020 Paper Biennial will show a selection of works with a multitude of interpretations, both personal and universal, and meanings about the topic Home. Although the artists give their personal interpretation, it will be accessible and understandable to a large audience. The participating artists are socially engaged and/or they will give insight in their personal vision as world citizens on the topic Home.

The sum of the visions on the topic Home are testimonies of the worldwide importance of love and security for every person on earth.

Nest, installatie van inkt op papier, work in progress, 2020

Nest, installatie inkt inkt inkt op papier, work in progress, 2020